Immortal fragrance
Roses have lost their actual colour with time.
They have Shrunk become smaller.
My Body and Roses are fragile, both ages and die but will remain immortal.
I pass through the passage of immortality when I breathe in and out with the scent of Divine flower.
I breathe in and out by laying under this Divine Flower.
Healing both my body and soul.
They are Spiritual beings of another world who emit their life essence without their presence.
I breathe in and out under this Divine Flower.

Conversation with a Dead plant…
I am contemplating with a dead plant
Immersed in understanding its journey
The Life it has lived it used to attract thousand eyes,
When it was alive… with is beautiful colours of its leaves and blooming flowers .
I feel its roots and stem are extensions of my own self
When they are entangled with my hair
I become the dead plant and it becomes me…
The posture of my body synchronized in perfect air
it brings the new metaphor of life
What might be life after death? Journey into a afterlife?
It is eternal and immortal path
Life come and goes
Soul remains immortal
It is bond between two lives …
Dance of life and death together
A perfect song and with complete truth …Transcending,
The truth beyond….