and–akter is an ongoing
exploration of care, breath, borders and forest,
shared by artists
Hanna Wildow,
Alva Willemark,
Tony Karlsson Savci.

Made in collaboration
with composer Johan Wahlberg,
video photographer Adam Nilsson,
as well as with the audiences that participate,
and–akter is presented as
a sprawling series
of performative iterations and propagations.

With the help of you,
our work shifts, bends and bulges.
Into a shared, cradling body;
acting from the necessity of relation and connection.

The first iteration of and–akter was shown at Galleri BOX (Gothenburg) in August 2020 and Krupa Gallery (Wrocław) presented the second iteration in March 2021, as part of The Virtual Canvas Exhibition, and in May 2021 the third will be presented by Rah Residency in Tehran.
In September 2021, and–akter will premier as an IRL-performance at Weld (Stockholm). In October 2021 the sculptural elongation 'det är ett rop på hjälp' (it is a cry for help) opens at Eldhunden (Stockholm), followed by another performance iteration at Galleri Verkligheten (Umeå) in November 2021.

and–akter is supported by
The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and KULTURENS.

Special thanks to Yoga Shakti,
Hackås Maskin
och Kultur, Elektronmusikstudion, Mats Erlandsson,
Eric Danger Österlin, Ashik Zaman,
Alida Ivanov,
Anna Koch,
Megan Black,
Anna Stec,
Mahmoud Maktabi, Gustav Lejelind,
Ellen Skafvenstedt, Daniel Josefsson, Sebastian Adolfsson, Rolf Anderzon,
Simon Mogren,
Dick Hedlund
and Erik Malmsten.