< ABOUT and–akter
and–akter is a call for breathing together,

by artists
Hanna Wildow,
Alva Willemark and
Tony Karlsson Savci.

and–akter is us sharing
- sharing a past, a present and a future

- in a space, a world and a system -

persistently trying to prevent us
from sharing.

and–akter is us - talking and caring, protecting and sheltering -

knowing that one tree makes no forest.

Care is a keyword
in Alva Willemark’s practice.
Her work explores relationships;
interplays between several subjects
as well as the relation to one's own I.

She focuses on the body and all its senses,
when letting them
guide her through materials.

The experiences of a body,
the individual as well as the societal,
are transformed
through Willemark’s own body.
Becoming new works, for the viewer
to feel, hear, view and be part of.

She works in various mediums;
performance, choreography, object, installations of sound and image, and text, attempting to create contact
through inter-human language.

Willemark has a MFA from
Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts.
She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hanna Wildow works with stories;
searching through
the approval and the dismissal
of voice, body and language.

Her works comes to life
through collective processes
and participatory methods,
moving between
performance, choreography, sound, video, image, sculpture and installation.
Yet most often converging through
text or language based elements.

With curiosity and playfulness,
she initiates relations
in order to generate
reciprocal transformations
of sites, materials and contexts.

Through repeated attempts,
she dismantles and intertwines
different stories
while searching for interstices.
Enduring amongst
breaking points and gaps,
she unfolds warped spaces
and errant narratives.

Wildow has a MFA from
Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts.
She lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
Tony Karlsson Savci (tiny) (they/them)
work with experimental
social and pedagogical situations
which investigate the capacities of
particular mediums, methods
and choreographies
to make space for
emotional and collective
exploration of being.

They methodically explore
the various possibilities of
art as ways for interpersonal conversations addressing questions of
community care and the politics of healing.

tiny has a MFA from
Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts
and is currently participating in the
Collective Practices Research Course
at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

tiny is part of the multidisciplinary art collective Brown Island,
and collaborated with
the musician Zhala
from 2013 to 2018.

They live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.
and–akter. rehearsal of escape
@ The Virtual Canvas (Krupa Gallery, Poland) / world wide web
March 13th 2021,


Megan Black, Anna Stec, Johanna Stillman, Dimple B Shah, Andrea Creutz
Moa Edlund, Maude Wildow, Amon Sharifzadeh, Cara Tolmie, Niklas Mesaros, Mahmoud Maktabi, Shaon Chakraborty, Ebba Petren, Katarzyna Mlynczak, Johnny Chang, Mimi Lundberg, Dimple B Shah, Caroline Elgh Klingborg, Lovisa Rönnquist, Camilla Ericson, Kajsa Willemark, Ashik Zaman, Sanna Blennow, Fanny Eriksson, Sybrig Dokter, Sarah Guarino Werner, Dick Hedlund, Erik Malmsten, Johan Wahlberg, Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark and Tony Karlsson Savci

live composition by Johan Wahlberg, video photography by Adam Nilsson, wording counseling by Litia Perta, breath and body guidance by Sara Haylett Utberg, sound tech by
Erik Malmsten, documentation by Dick Hedlund

with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and in cooperation with KULTURENS
Special thanks to Yoga Shakti, EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Mats Erlandsson, Daniel Araya, Eric Danger Österlin, Ashik Zaman, Alida Ivanov, Anna Koch, Megan Black, Anna Stec, Mahmoud Maktabi, Gustav Lejelind, Ellen Skafvenstedt, Daniel Josefsson, Sebastian Adolfsson, and Simon Mogren.